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"I was one of the first to get my short stack and I LOVE it!!  Tom hung it up for me 2 weeks ago and it looks awesome.  I'll have to send pictures once my room is straightened up a bit...LOL!  Anyway..I just wanted to say...keep the great products coming!  I saw the ribbon organizer which looks great and I can't wait to see what else you and Brent have up your sleeves!

A HUGE Stamper storage fan." ~ Hiedi B, New York

"Well it arrived perfectly on Monday evening. It is quite an impressive piece, I am so, so happy with it. Its just perfect, I keep passing by my room and stopping in the door way to look at it. It looks so professional, it will help me keep my desk clean. I don't want anything blocking the ink pads and I love that I can store things on top, it gives me much more workspace. Thanks, job well done and thank you for your prompt, professional and courteous service. I am just tickled pink!!!"   ~ Jamia B, California


 "I had Erik install my new toy this weekend and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! Ohhh it makes my scrap book room.  I did a little bit of reorganizing and my room will be complete.    Thank you both  soo much for the holder.  The craftsmanship of it is AWESOME!! Not to mention the awesome design!! I'm not even painting it as it looks awesome just the way it is!  LOVE IT!!!!
I can finally scrap in my scrap room thanks to you...."  ~ Grace P, California

"I just love it. I stained it with a dark oak finish my dear husband has yet to mount it on the wall but he said he would this weekend. I just love it and it is much better quality than you can buy at a store this is solid wood not any of that lamanated stuff. I am waiting for him to design a 12x12 paper holder."  ~ Lavonne S, Nebraska

"Thank you both so much! I am so excited! I can't wait to get it put up! WOO HOO!!!! "   ~ Danette R, Texas

 "I've primed and painted the case to match my "garden" themed scrap-room. I decided to rearrange things in there so I could place the storage unit at the end of the craft table on a wall. I had the end of the table under a window before and while it was nice in the daylight - there wasn't anything special about the placement. I really should find my camera and take a picture for you! I've been so busy cleaning and remodeling that I haven't stopped for air (if you know what I mean)!

I LOVE it!! I'm inspired now to get the rest of the new ink pads so they'll all match. It's good to have a mission. ;-) The wall hanging device was brilliant! I sure hope I remember how the thing is up there when I go to move it! Otherwise, I'll be sitting on the floor scratching my head! Maybe I'll fold up the installation instructions and tape them to the underneath of the cabinet "out of sight - but not too out of sight". Anyway - awesome work - it's here in great shape and I'm just tickled about it!"   ~ Sharli F, Arizona   

I just want to say thank you! My husband, Ken Wootten, bought me one of your Stamper Storage units and I LOVE IT!!!! I j ust wa nted to say than k you so much! Here is a pic of it...  ~ Charlene Wooten



Korin Sutherland, Sweet N Sassy Stamps.

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